Box Technologies

Project Description

Renovo were appointed the principle instructor of a 5-month fit out project, and refurbishment of Box Technologies’ existing office space. This also included a redesign of the warehouse and technical areas; whilst incorporating a full rewire of the building, providing a fully functioning communications room.

Currently based between two units, this was condensed into one; providing the same amount of racking storage. This allowed the client to hand back the second unit. Renovo carried out the full dilapidations of the unit, ensuring it was handed back to the landlord as instructed.

Services Provided

The refurbishment required precise design in order to produce the proposed layout of a 20,000 square foot warehouse. The main renovation was accomplished by the condensing of two units into one. Following this, dilapidations were carried out, to ensure that it was handed back to the landlord according to the requirements and instructions.

The warehouse was then refurbished with a dividing wall install, which required extensive material delivery and many Man-hours to construct and paint, due to its substantial length and height. A new mezzanine was installed in the refreshed warehouse, with offices built below.

The warehouse and further technical areas also required a redesign, which included a full requiring of the building and the establishment of a fully functioning communications room. All fixtures and fitting were removed reliably. The refurbishment was completed with, and further complimented by, anti-static flooring.

Challenges Overcome

The condensing of the two warehouse units into one created even racking storage for the client, throughout each department, improving both accessibility and increased efficiency of space. Overall, the space was refreshed by creating an open-plan working environment with sustainability in mind; having fit out the building with reused furniture from a previous project.


  • 8,000 Man-hours in total
  • 25 tonnes of Recycling
  • 5 x 40ft container loads of materials
  • Cherry pickers
  • Fork lift trucks