Cloudflare London.

Project Description

Cloudflare required a relocation partner to support the move of staff, IT equipment and some of their furniture from their existing location in Lavington Street, London to a newly fitted out space, at County Hall, Southbank. The move involved relocating 200 staff, desktop IT and servers, marketing materials, artwork, and all existing breakout furniture. Renovo put together a proposal for the works along with options to support the disconnect and reconnect of the IT.

Our team attended a planning meeting to ensure that all preparations and planning was in place for the move and to offer advice to the client team. At this planning meeting we agreed on the final schedule.  There were a number of changes to the planned move date, and Renovo altered the plan to be as flexible as possible to support this.

Renovo also met with the fit- out contractor, Overbury, at County Hall as we needed to agree a plan around vehicle access and the use of the external hoist. This was under Overbury’s control so we agreed the process for use of the loading dock and hoist.

Services Provided

Renovo were appointed to carry out the relocation and in doing so, agreed a program for the relocation which included timely provision of packing crates and labels for Cloudflare staff to pack up ready for the move.

The Renovo team were briefed on the requirements of the move. All items needed to be safely handled and dismantled in order to move them, and then re- installed in the new building as per the new layout. A large quantity of breakout furniture was moved to an agreed holding / storage space in the new building for future use in another phase.

Renovo relocated a large number of servers and network switches as part of the move. It was vital that these were moved in a timely and secure fashion to ensure that Cloudflare IT had the maximum time available to set these up and test them prior to the staff returning to work in the new space.

All the desktop IT equipment was moved by Renovo, carefully packed into purpose made crates, moved over and then delivered onto the destination desks.

Challenges Overcome

The time allowed for planning the relocation was quite short for a move of this size and complexity. Renovo were able to ensure that we were committed to make the move as smooth as possible and spent a lot of time with the client’s project team to fully understand what was required and to offer advice on how best to achieve this.

Our move teams remained flexible to changes on site. This was evident with a number of changes to the planned activities, and in supporting an additional requirement to relocate identified products due to a shortfall of new on site.

All works were completed on time and to budget.


Project Manager

3 x 7.5t Vans & Drivers

2 x Supervisors

2 x Fitters

14 x Porters per move shift


Thank you for the smooth transition out of our old space and into our new space.  You provided a knowledgeable and friendly crew to work with.  It was a pleasure working with your service.