Project Description

Renovo first moved Concirrus in early 2018, having outgrown their previous space.

Concirrus, again asked for help and support with a new project to relocate and make provision for a larger headcount. This time however, Renovo were able to support our client with a number of additional services including, relocation, build works, reconfiguration of existing furniture, supply of new furniture, and dilapidations / decorations of their legacy space.

The client wanted to increase the number of meeting rooms in the new location, along with creating a chill- out play zone, and to refresh the existing kitchen / canteen area. We were able to also introduce Showcase Interiors to our client, and looked at a number of options for the new space, which were designed by our planners.  Once the scheme was agreed, Renovo put together a proposal to support these changes, along with procuring the new furniture for some of these spaces.

The new space was already furnished, however, we were asked to reconfigure the existing desk layout, which allowed us to ensure that the desks and chairs used were changed to ensure that they were not marked or scratched. Some of the furniture had seen better days. We also supplied a chair audit so that we could make suggestions on reusing Concirrus’ legacy chairs from their old building.

Renovo had to work against a tight deadline, along with Showcase in carrying out the works in the new space, with all being completed in 6 weeks.

Renovo carried out the relocation of all IT, the task chairs, and user packed crates over a single weekend phase, so that we were able to minimise disruption to our client, and also to other tenants in both buildings.

We also cleared from both offices all redundant, client owned items.

As part of the dilapidation works at the exit building, we removed all signage, redecorated and replaced some carpet tiles.

Our team attended a weekly planning meeting to ensure that all preparations and planning was in place for the project, move and installation of the new furniture.

Services Provided

Renovo were appointed to carry out the relocation and in doing so, agreed a program for the relocation which included timely provision of packing crates and labels for Concirrus staff to pack up ready for the move.

All the desktop IT equipment was moved by Renovo, carefully packed into purpose made crates, moved over and then delivered onto the destination desks.

The Renovo team were briefed on the requirements of the move. All items needed to be safely handled and dismantled in order to move them, and then re- installed in the new building as per the new layout. Some of the new items were not going to be fully available for the go live date so we identified some surplus desking and chairs as an interim solution, and then removed these from site as part of the installation.

The fit out included, building 3 x meeting rooms, a chill out / breakout room, refurbish the kitchen including re- working an existing kitchen counter, island, re carpeting, and repositioning of lighting, and cabling and preparation for the install of AV Screens in the new and existing meeting rooms.

New furniture supplied included meeting tables, meeting room chairs, a retro fit screen system for the existing desks, meeting booths and pods, new lockers and storage wall, and new canteen tables and benches.

Challenges Overcome

The time allowed for planning the relocation was quite short for a move of this size and complexity. Renovo were able to ensure that we were committed to make the move as smooth as possible and spent a lot of time with the client’s project team to fully understand what was required and to offer advice on how best to achieve this.

Our move teams remained flexible to changes on site. This was evident with a number of changes to the planned activities, and in supporting an additional requirement to relocate identified products due to a shortfall of new on site.

All works were completed on time and to budget.


3 x 17.5t Vans & Drivers

2 x Supervisors

2 x Fitters

14 x Porters per move shift