Project Description

Cooley required a relocation partner to support the move of staff, IT equipment and some of their furniture from their existing location in Dashwood House, London to a newly fitted out space at 22 Bishopsgate. The move involved relocating 200 staff, desktop IT and servers, filing, and artwork. Renovo put together a proposal for the works along with options to support the roll out of new provide IT equipment along with existing server and desktop Monitors.

Cooley also required a Project Move Manager to help guide their users through the move and to co-ordinate all the move activities along with providing reporting to a stakeholder team that were based in New York.

Once Dashwood House was moved out, we were then engaged to remove the surplus furniture in order to handover the space to the Landlord.

Our team attended a number of planning meetings to ensure that all preparations and planning were in place for the relocations and to offer advice to the client team. From these meetings, we were able to identify a number of elements that we could help Cooley with their move project. As a result of this Renovo developed an online reporting portal to assist with the rollout of the new IT kit, This meant that we were able to provide a real time dashboard of the rollout that Cooley’s key stakeholders could reference to review progress.

Services Provided

Renovo were appointed to carry out the relocations and in doing so, agreed a program for the relocations which included timely provision of packing crates and labels for Cooley staff to pack up ready for the move. This was to also accommodate the staff mainly working from home throughout the relocations.

The Renovo team were briefed on the requirements of the move. All items needed to be safely handled and dismantled in order to move them, and particular attention was given to their 35inch curved monitors, which we sourced specific cartons and packaging materials to pack and transport.

Renovo relocated a large number of servers and network switches as part of the move. It was vital that these were moved in a timely and secure fashion to ensure that Cooley IT had the maximum time available to set these up and test them prior to the staff returning to work in the new space.

Challenges Overcome

One of the main challenges that Renovo faced for this project was to plan for the changes to the original timetable of moves. This was amended a number of times to accommodate new building and new furniture delays, along with the fact that Cooley wanted their staff to continue to work from home for the duration of the lockdowns. This resulted in the move taking place in a completely different way to what was originally scheduled; and in doing so, resulted in a flexible approach to these changes.

Renovo ensured commitment to eliminating risks, and spent a lot of time with the client’s project team to fully understand what was required in order to offer advice on how best to achieve this.

All works were completed on time and to budget.