Development Pathways Ltd.

Project Description

Development Pathways Ltd had outgrown their existing premises in Orpington and had identified a new, larger office space to relocate to. Renovo put together a proposal for the relocation to their new premises which allowed for all the current furniture and equipment to be moved to their new premises over a single day to keep downtime to a minimum and ensure that staff could be working in their new space as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Services Provided

Renovo were appointed to carry out the relocation and in doing so, agreed a program for the relocation which included timely provision of packing crates and labels for Development Pathways’ staff to pack up ready for the move.

The Renovo team were briefed on the requirements of the move, which included all of the existing desking and meeting rooms. These items needed to be safely handled and dismantled in order to move them, and then re- installed in the new building as per the new layout. All the desktop IT equipment was carefully packed into purpose made crates, moved over and then delivered onto the destination desks.

The removal works were completed over one day, including taking away some redundant chairs from the old site to assist with the handover of this space. The crew took all the moving equipment and packaging materials away from site and carried out a sign off of the works.

Challenges Overcome

As both the collection and delivery addresses did not have lifts and were on the 2nd and 1st floors respectively, Renovo allocated a large crew to support the movement of desks and equipment via the staircases. Development Pathways had chosen a working day for their relocation, so the crew were mindful and supported the other tenants working in the buildings for the duration of the works.

Resource used

  • 2 x 18t Vans & Drivers
  • 1 x Supervisors
  • 1 x Fitter
  • 8 x Porters