Global Professional Services

Project Description

Renovo were appointed to assist on the installation of a new corporate identity in Glasgow, working alongside the main contractor ISS. The transformation took place on the 7th floor, and consisted of 1 phase of works over a fortnight. The project is ultimately valued at £330,000.00.

Services Provided

The establishment of a new corporate identity was led by the careful collaboration of furniture, chosen to compliment and channel the brand within the existing space. Upon choosing the suitable furniture for the client, Renovo made arrangements with the following suppliers:

  • KI
  • Abstracta
  • Ikons of Denmark
  • Connection
  • Vitra
  • Steelcase
  • Office Electrics
  • CBS
  • Orangebox
  • Lintex
  • Spacestor

Once arrangements had been made, the furniture was then installed, alongside the desking and seating, across the span of the given two weeks.

Renovo were also appointed to oversee the installation of meeting pods from Orangebox and Spacestor to ensure that furniture was fit suitably and to instruction. This was directed with success.

Challenges Overcome

Overall, Renovo assisted the strengthening of a new corporate identity and installed furniture which allowed for ease of access and maximum utilization of the surrounding space.

Four supplier deliveries were direct and therefore assisted and added to the standard of service which Renovo were able to supply, within the given timeframe.


Labour: 10 days

Approximately 4 workers per day

Vehicles: Direct deliveries from KI, Ikons of Denmark, Clarke Rendall, Orangebox