When the acclaimed Jas Bhalla Works opted to upgrade from their Battersea Park Road office to a cutting-edge managed workspace on London Bridge, they turned to Renovo to man the job. Tasked with relocation from a shop-fronted showroom to a sophisticated, shared ground floor office, Renovo deployed their expert project team.


The team started works with a comprehensive site survey and project review, allowing the assigned PM to craft a detailed schedule of works to receive the enthusiastic approval of the client.  

Delivering crates well in advance, Renovo allowed the team ample time to securely pack equipment and personal items. During this phase, items were identified and sorted for recycling, archiving, or disposal, all handled to Renovo’s environmental standards. 

Moving day arrived, requiring the disconnection and protection of IT equipment and dismantle of office furniture, readying it for transit. The task list included IT Kits, desks, drawers, and packing crates. 

Arriving at the new location, Renovo positioned all items according to the client’s specifications. Prioritising the set-up of IT equipment allowed the client’s workforce a swift return to work, minimising downtime. Additionally, new furniture delivered before Renovo’s involvement was promptly unpacked and assembled to the client’s request.  

Success Points

From the project’s start to completion, each detail was considered with sustainability at the forefront; from refurbishing and reusing to donating stock, in alignment with Net Zero and responsible resourcing goals. 

With thanks to detailed planning and execution, potential disruptions were eliminated, and the client was particularly satisfied with the additional services provided. The relocation of Jas Bhalla Works was a resounding success, resulting in client satisfaction and reinforcing Renovo’s reputation as the go-to partner for seamless office relocations. 

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