MAN Group

Project Description

Renovo were asked to help Showcase Interiors with a furniture audit. The reason for the audit was to help Showcase’s client, MAN Group to make decisions on what furniture items could be retained for a new scheme following the fit-out phase in their new space.

Whilst we were working on this, an existing client contacted us with an enquiry for furniture needed to furnish a new space in one of their own buildings.

We were able to identify furniture from MAN Groups stock, which could be used, and were able to broker a deal which meant that the furniture would be moved at no cost to MAN Group, and reused by the other client. This also meant that these items were diverted from being disposed of.

Services Provided

Renovo were appointed to carry out the dismantling and preparation of the identified work stations, meeting tables and storage cabinets. We then carried out the relocation between the 2 sites, including the coordination of all RAMS, security information and loading bay bookings, and lift slots.


2 x 7.5t Van & Driver

1 x Supervisors

8 x Porters

2 x Fitters

Challenges Overcome

The furniture audit took place during the Covid – 19 lockdown. Renovo were able to utilise a safe working methodology which ensured compliance with Social Distancing recommendations. All of our staff were also checked for symptoms through temperature checks prior to working on site. Whilst working on site our staff also wore face masks and gloves to protect themselves and the client who was on site to oversee the works. Testimonial

The clients team were really pleased that they were able to complete the project on time, particularly bearing in mind the number of contractors working in the spaces, and the short mobilisation period involved.