Project Description

We installed new furniture and furniture relocated from MINI Birmingham

Scope of works

Due to the closure of MINI Birmingham the client wanted the decommission and relocation of the Highlight Gantry and the JCW lights across to High Wycombe. Digital comms stands, free standing walls and office furniture was also relocated. Due to the condition of the original furniture all desk tops were replaced and all chairs transformed with a deep clean.

The three day project included 1 day on site at Birmingham and 2 days on site at High Wycombe across 2 floors. The sites couldn’t have been more extreme in terms of access and build works, Birmingham with very good access whilst High Wycombe offered various challenges due to on going building works and restricted access to the first floor. To overcome these challenges a temporary foot path was erected to gain access into the building and the internal car lift was used to move furniture to the first floor, including the Highlight Gantry and the JCW Lighting.

Resource used

  • Labour 110 man hours
  • Vehicles 3 X18t & 2 X 7t

Suppliers used

  • OPS
  • Orangebox
  • Serafini
  • Silverline
  • ERA Screens
  • Steelcase
  • Spacestor
  • Office Electrics