New Look Group Limited, through its subsidiaries, operates as a multichannel retail brand in the United Kingdom and internationally. The company offers apparel, footwear, and accessories for women, men, and teenage girls. It was founded in 1969 and has its head office at Mortimer Street,London,W1.

Project Description

Around 900 new desks, chairs and accessories were installed to New Looks Head Office. Also new furniture for their Ground Floor Café Hub area. The install took place across 5 Floors ,over 13 Weekends so not to cause disruption to the staff allowing business as usual for the client.

Scope of Works

  • Friday Evenings de-assemble and clear out the existing desks onto waiting vehicles for recycling
  • Saturdays take delivery of on average 75 new desk components and assemble, along with new monitor arms, power and hanging rails
  • Work alongside New Look FM ,IT & Floor box electrical contractor team and snag free
  • Be part of a stakeholder project team and assist with ‘Go Live’ each Monday
  • Chair Audit & replacement as a separate activity

Challenges Overcome

  • Only 1 goods lift was available, the team were mindful of the staff on site as well as there being 2 other tenants in the same building
  • Work alongside the crane works going on the street as all loading and unloading had to take place in Wells Street.
  • We had on average 9 operatives on each phase including a PM, for continuity these operatives remained the same.

Suppliers used

  • KI
  • Vitra
  • Office Electrics
  • BCS
  • Deadgood