Renovo provided an excellent service for our client and greatly assisted in enhancing our own reputation. Thanks to all at Renovo for another great job.

Bilal QureshiRelo-IT


In April 2024, Renovo was called upon to assist the business management consultancy, Palladium, with their office relocation. This unique project was not only about moving furniture and a large workforce but also about achieving cost efficiency and sustainability. Palladium’s move from 100 Bunhill Row to an office four times the size at 105 Bunhill Row presented an opportunity to create a better workspace for their team. 

Referred by our trusted IT partner, Relo-IT, Palladium needed help moving their IT systems, legacy furniture, and personal items to the new office. Our initial meetings with both Palladium and Relo-IT focused on understanding their requirements and brainstorming several approaches to ensure a smooth transition. 


From the outset, Renovo aimed to make the move both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. We presented Palladium with options to optimise time spent on-site and minimise downtime, such as moving during weekdays with staff working from home or opting for a weekend move. Palladium chose the weekday move, which saved costs by avoiding weekend premiums and allowed for quick resolution of any issues with on-site staff. 

The move required careful planning and teamwork. Renovo allocated a dedicated crew—comprised of a supervisor, two fitters, and six porters—to manage the move using two 7.5-tonne vans over four trips. We provided packing crates, booked loading bays, secured goods lifts, and protected both buildings during the move to prevent any damage. 

We maintained close communication with Palladium and Relo-IT throughout the process, ensuring everyone was on the same page. Detailed risk assessments and method statements were provided to both landlords, helping to maintain a smooth flow and manage expectations. 

Challenges Overcome & Success Points

The move was completed on time and within budget, thanks to the collaborative effort of the moving team. Having staff work from home during the move minimised disruption and allowed us to address any issues quickly with on-site assistance. This approach not only made the move more efficient but also resulted in considerable cost savings. 

Renovo’s collaboration with Relo-IT exemplifies the power of teamwork. They handled the IT disconnect and reconnection, while we focused on the logistical aspects, ensuring that everything went off without a hitch. 

Sustainability Achievements

Sustainability was a key focus. Palladium chose to reuse the furniture already available in the new space and left the old furniture for the incoming tenants. This decision reduced waste and the need for new purchases, aligning perfectly with Renovo’s shared sustainability values. 


“Renovo provided an excellent service for our client and greatly assisted in enhancing our own reputation. Thanks to all at Renovo for another great job.” 

Bilal Qureshi (Relo IT) 


“It was great to be able to support one of our suppliers with a project that they were working on, which shows a great, reciprocal working relationship.” 

Danny Rutter (Renovo) 


The relocation of Palladium was a rewarding project for all involved, offering a blend of practical solutions, teamwork, and sustainable practices, which contributed to a successful move. We’re proud to have been a part of this project alongside Relo IT, assisting Palladium in creating a better workspace at a reduced cost.  


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