Project Scope

To Project Manage and carry out the reconfiguration and installation of office furniture (over 450 workstations with associated desktop I.T. equipment and storage) within the VWFS headquarters in Milton Keynes.

The project needed to be carried out with the minimum of staff disruption and consequently it was decided to conduct the works over a phased five weekends.

The project plan created by Renovo allowed for the physical relocation of 1,000 people over 2 weekends, with 400 people being relocated on the first weekend and 600 people on the second weekend.

Flexible Environment

The teams within VWFS were allocated departmental office space and were given an option to choose the layout of their work area to best suit their needs and ensure the most effective use of their space.

Lockers were provided for each member of staff for personal belongings whilst storage units were allocated per team. A full storage audit was undertaken by Renovo to ensure sufficient crates were provided to support the relocation.

The agile working culture that was being introduced was fully embraced by the key departments and through engaging a clear desk policy and paperless office, a reduction in storage was achieved across the HQ as part of this relocation process.

Project Team

The VWFS team worked very closely with the moves project team to help deliver this project successfully by engaging effectively with the key departments. All staff were engaged with the proposed relocation plan ahead of the go-live date to help achieve a positive view of the relocation project and to communicate the benefits of the move and the new ways of agile working. Renovo issued each member or staff with a ‘relocation sheet’ providing clear instructions so that personal effects could be moved safely and securely with their lockers.

The Physical Move

The scale of the move required a significant amount of planning and resourcing from the Renovo Team. The project manager worked closely with Macro and VWFS to ensure that we had a full understanding of the requirements and timescales. Over a period of 5 weekends the Renovo team provided the resources to move over 1,000 staff in total between the Delaware Drive and Brunswick Court sites, along with the installation of 150 new workstations and the reconfiguration of 300 existing workstations.

IT and Communication

To support flexible working a standardised approach was taken to the work spaces provided. There were a number of exceptions, to support those with different technical requirements, these were identified in the pre-planning process.  A number of these exceptions such as front office and rear office users with additional comms kit etc., were identified and enough positions were made available.

Delaware Drive and Brunswick Court sites, along with the installation of 150 new workstations and the reconfiguration of 300 existing workstations.

Project Feedback

The overall Project Management firm were Mace Macro, our contact there outlines the success of this unique relocation and workplace project.

“I would just like to thank you for all your hard work over the last few months with the VWFS restack project. You made sure that all your work was completed on time and in a professional manner, even assisting other contractors to make sure deadlines were met. This did not go unnoticed.

A big thank you to you and your team for a successful completion to the project.”