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How Renovo Services can help you and the Environment

The waste hierarchy is a set of priorities for the efficient use of resources; this underpins the objectives of the Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Act 2001.

The waste hierarchy is: avoidance including action to reduce the amount of waste generated by households, industry and all levels of government

Renovo Services approach to furniture and equipment clearances is in line with the waste hierarchy (see the diagram below).  We aim to minimise the waste produced in your clearance and maximise the materials that can be reused.  Where your resources cannot be reused, we have a range of recycling and reprocessing options to recycle as much as possible using local suppliers.  When further recycling is not possible, energy to waste solutions will then be provided.

If you need any help with your office relocation please contact Danny Rutter on 07553 265 461 or email us