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Quality Management System

The Directors and management of Renovo Services are committed to operating every aspect of the business to a standard that offers our clients the highest possible quality of service. This is supported by a progressive management style that encourages a culture of quality.

We are committed to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

This Quality Management System includes protocols on design and development, purchasing, approved supplier/subcontractor evaluation, continual improvement and customer feedback

The key aspects of our quality management system procedures include:

  1. Each project has a designated Commercial Manager responsible for the delivery of the project.
  2. The administration and management of the project is based within our ‘Project Process Model’ – a process framework which has been developed with proven protocols which is tailored to suit the individual client’s requirements. This will be communicated to all members of the team to ensure consistency of delivery throughout the project.
  3. All personnel within the company are required to carry out their work in compliance with the management instructions contained in our Project Process Model.

The company has a health & safety policy statement, a copy of which is available on request