Project Description

Concirrus required a relocation partner to support the move of staff, IT equipment and some of their furniture from their existing location in Leathermarket Street, London to a new space, on St. Thomas Street, London. The move involved relocating 30 staff, desktop IT and servers, marketing materials, meeting tables and chairs along with a large number of pictures and awards. Renovo put together a proposal for the works along with options to support the disconnect and reconnect of the IT.

Concirrus also required the recycling of their legacy furniture, as their new space was already furnished with desks, chairs and storage. Renovo identified a trader who would remove all the furniture from the old offices and use the proceeds of the resale to cover the cost of collection and transport of the items from site.

Renovo also sourced a selection of new meeting tables, chairs and breakout furniture with Showcase. We presented a variety of options to Concirrus, who selected Orangebox products, and the team visited their showroom to help them select fabric and finishes to match their corporate identity and their new space.

Our team attended a planning meeting to ensure that all preparations were in place for the move and to offer advice to the client. At this planning meeting the final schedule was agreed.  There were challenges around the planned move date, and Renovo were flexible in supporting the client during the transition.

Services Provided

Renovo were appointed to carry out the relocation of the Concirrus offices and in doing so, agreed a program which included the timely provision of packing crates and labels for Concirrus staff to pack up non-IT equipment ready for the move.

The Renovo team were briefed on the requirements of the move. All items needed to be safely handled and dismantled in order to move them, and then re- installed in the new building as per the new layout.

All of the desktop IT equipment was taken care of by Renovo, carefully packed into purpose made crates, transported over and then delivered onto the destination desks.

After the move was completed, a date for the clearance of the legacy building was agreed to ensure the timely handover of the space to the landlord.

Challenges Overcome

Access at both addresses was challenging, with the absence of a lift at the collection address, very small lifts at the destination address and parking for the vehicles at both locations, on busy London streets. In order to overcome this, Renovo used a larger crew to negotiate the stairs in both buildings. The start time for the decorating works was brought forward to ensure they were completed in line with the client’s deadlines. This gave Concirrus the maximum time to set- up and test the desktop IT for full readiness on Monday morning.


2 x 7.5t Van & Driver

1 x Supervisor

2 x Fitters

10 x Porters