Project Description

Renovo recently supported a Global Investment Company by planning and implementing a workplace relocation from West London into the heart of the city, Piccadilly. From start to finish, the Renovo team offered a straightforward transition into our client’s new space, ensuring that all milestones were met, and the client experienced minimal downtime. 

Services Provided

The Renovo team achieved a clean and seamless project by carefully handling every aspect of the process. From securely packaging delicate technology to ensuring that each item reached its designated location upon arrival. 

Beyond managing logistics, the project emphasised the importance of collaboration. Renovo actively engaged with the client’s team and other stakeholders, ensuring that everybody was informed and coordinated throughout the process. Communication played a pivotal role at every stage, with regular updates on deliveries and schedules provided to the client and their team, offering clear plans and timelines to alleviate any concerns. 

Success Points

With the new space being in central London, the Renovo team were challenged with navigating restrictions at both locations, but the Project Manager successfully overcame them by ensuring all necessary permits and dispensations were obtained before beginning work. Attention to detail and a focus on efficiency meant that Renovo successfully minimised disruptions to the client’s operations while upholding the highest safety standards

Within just over a month, the project reached completion, seamlessly transitioning the client into their new workspace. As the client stepped into their new offices, Renovo ensured that any remaining crates were already swiftly packed away and all waste was responsibly managed through recycling or donation, with zero waste sent to landfill—a commitment maintained across all projects. The client’s satisfaction served as a testament to Renovo’s professionalism, efficiency, and unwavering commitment to excellence.