Project Description

At the pinnacle of technology and visionary product development lies The Technology Partnership (TTP), a revolutionary company dedicated to catalysing new products and unlocking opportunities through cutting-edge technological advancements. When TTP embarked on a transformative furniture project, they sought a partner as dynamic as their pursuits – and Renovo emerged as the catalyst for a relocation that would redefine efficiency and precision. 

Showcase, having triumphed in the sourcing of furniture for the new TTP office, recommended Renovo’s expertise to further assist the project. Tasked with orchestrating the relocation of around 500 employees to TTP’s new office space in Melbourne, Cambridge, Renovo excitedly accepted the extensive proposition.  

Services Provided

Renovo implemented one of its dedicated Relocation Project Management Teams to coordinate the relocation activities alongside TTP’s project team, spanning Facilities Management, IT, and the appointed Move Coordinator. Together, they crafted a program of activities, culminating in a seamless transition planned comprehensively over a single, disruption-minimising weekend. 

Executing the sequential disconnect, move, and reconnect of TTP’s existing desktop ICT equipment, Renovo ensured a stress-free technological changeover into the new space. 

The relocation experts orchestrated the movement of staff packing crates, filing crates, and a trove of reuse furniture items – 330 task chairs, desks, tables, and chairs. Renovo’s team not only prepped TTP’s visionaries for the move but also provided post-move support, ensuring a swift return to business as usual. 

Success Points

The move unfolded successfully over three days in April 2023. The entire group had seamlessly transitioned to their new state-of-the-art building. Every crate was swiftly emptied and quickly swept away from the premises.  

The success of this project resonated beyond the relocation, prompting TTP to entrust Renovo with the further clearance of their legacy furniture. With a substantial reputation echoing throughout TTP’s new office space, Renovo was invited by the client to manage moves for another five entities in and around the TTP campus, cementing a strong and ongoing partnership.  

As TTP continues to shape the future of technology, Renovo stands as a trusted collaborator, performing seamless moves. Together, the result is nothing short of a masterpiece.