Project Description

Delivery and Installation of new service Desk Area, Customer Lounge Touchdown and Café Bar with Reception and 4 Sales Consultation Areas

Scope of works

Three day project which included the installation of a bespoke reception unit which was integrated into the Lounge Touchdown and Café Bar.

The positioning of this unit was critical to existing floor boxes and water service feeds to the new Top Brewer coffee system due to be installed on completion of our works.

The entire unit was over 7metres long by 3 metres at its widest point and the positioning was very tight due to the fact that the entire completed unit needed to marry up with several electrical floor boxes to feed the electrics for the reception desks and touchdown electrics with USB charge points and power for the coffee machine.
The water service feed connection needed to be made out of hours as this required redirection of pipework beneath the new Café Bar, this was carried out by the on site contractor.

The execution of the installation was carefully co-ordinated alongside the Porsche staff to ensure they were fully functional at their busiest periods between 8am – 10am and then from 4pm onwards.

In addition to the Café Bar a new bespoke Service Desk was positioned to the rear of the building which was approx. 5.6metres long and 1000metre wide to accommodate 4 service desk staff, this was swiftly built and positioned within 2 hours to ensure the team could still serve customers.

A small back office was installed comprising of Steelcase Desking and complimented with Vitra operators chairs plus there was the addition of four sales desk units across the showroom which had Walter Knoll chairs positioned around them.

Resource used

  • Labour 63 man hours
  • 2 x vehicles: 1 x 40ft and 1 x Luton vehicle

Suppliers used

  • Dobergo
  • Walter Knoll
  • Steelcase
  • Vitra