European Arab Bank

Project Description

European Arab Bank contacted Renovo to support their move from Moorgate to Park Lane. Renovo was appointed to help Project Manage and implement the relocation of their desktop IT equipment. EAB had already appointed other suppliers to help them with their furniture and crate moves but needed specialist support to ensure the timely movement of the IT equipment, a sequenced disconnect to allow for identified desks to be moved and built along with ensuring that there was zero downtime to their operations. In the new location, the IT needed to be rebuilt and tested. Finally, we were required to manage the cables into the new desks. Renovo, and provide a patch schedule as part of the handover process.

Services Provided

Renovo allocated one of our Project Managers to initially produce the critical project documents which helped coordinate the various work streams engaged on the move. We then went on to survey the IT and create a schedule of all assets moving and map them to the destination desks.  We also carried out a File survey by department to help with the allocation of fling and identify those teams that needed to make filing reductions to fit in the new space.

The Renovo IT team carried out the disconnection of the desktop devices for the move, which was sequenced to allow for the early move of desks but ensured that connection was maintained for EAB staff that were working from home.  All equipment was safely packaged, labelled and relocated to the new office. The reconnection of the devices was again sequenced to allow for the build and reconfiguration of the destination desks. EAB had also purchased some new Monitors stock, which needed to be deployed onto existing Monitor arms, and all devices were neatly cable managed.

Renovo used a real-time tracking app to show progress throughout the weekend work, which allowed EAB IT to plan how the machines were going to be tested for connectivity to the network. This also allowed us to provide a comprehensive signed document, including a patch schedule.

Renovo also provided post-move to the staff on Monday morning to tend to any help needed and any IT issues.

Challenges Overcome

The relocation was complex due to the various timings and milestones within the move weekend. The desks could not be moved until the IT had been disconnected, packed and removed, and connectivity also needed to be maintained to support the staff working from home. Similarly, the reconnection could not be completed until the desk had been built. We also needed to ensure that EAB IT had the maximum time to complete their testing.

This was achieved, including some late changes to the sequences over the weekend. Still, as we had the correct resources and our Project Manager throughout the weekend, we could fully deliver on time and within budget.

Customer Feedback

Head of IT Support said, “Thank you for your efforts and for helping us succeed with our Phase II move. It’s been a pleasure working with you all.”


2 x 7.5t Van & Driver, 1 x Supervisors, 8 x Porters, 2 x Fitters.