Project Description

Renovo’s journey with the client began with a project in 2019, where they embarked on a mission that required relocating 700 positions from their Victoria building to a more strategic location in the city. The client, impressed by the work undertaken, kindly asked Renovo to return later, entrusting the specialist team with an array of new projects.

One of the most remarkable tasks was relocating the Wealth Management part of the business in 2022, to another partially furnished building, a task that demanded careful planning and flawless execution. This ambitious project involved the shutdown of an existing building, leveraging legacy furniture within the buildings. Renovo’s expertise in handling high-end furniture ensured the careful handling of each item, understanding the consequences of mishandling such valuable assets. The furniture used in the project was of excellent quality, a testament to Renovo’s commitment to providing flawless service. In total, approximately 6,000 furniture items were rehomed during the relocation process, highlighting Renovo’s dedication to sustainability and maximising the reuse of resources.

At the initial site, Renovo oversaw the handling of 250 Task Chairs, 20 Meeting Tables, 250 Desks, 80 Storage Cabinets, and 80 Visitors Chairs, resulting in a remarkable reduction of 24,280kg of CO2 emissions through their innovative reuse process. Similarly, at the second location, Renovo managed 400 Task Chairs, 80 Meeting Tables, 550 Desks, 12 Soft Furnishings, and 200 Visitors Chairs, achieving substantial environmental impact by saving 59,670kg of CO2 emissions through their effective reuse practices. These are just a few of the furniture items Renovo reused – a significant and commendable environmental outcome for the entire project.

Despite the complexities involved in the relocation, Renovo rose to the occasion, delivering results that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. The project was completed seamlessly, within the original timeframe agreed upon, once again proving Renovo’s unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Services Provided

At the client’s request, Renovo undertook the extensive task of shutting down the existing building, leveraging legacy furniture within the buildings, and donating and reselling. This approach maximised the re-use and extended the life of these high-quality furniture items, aligning with Renovo’s commitment to sustainability.

With unwavering dedication, Renovo tackled the formidable challenge of emptying not one, but two of the client’s busy London campus buildings, accommodating around 2,000 positions in total. The success of this task is credited to the expert coordination and flawless execution that Renovo delivered with proficiency.

Renovo’s Move Managers were deployed to oversee every aspect of the transition, ensuring that the handling of high-end furniture was executed with precision. Comprehensive furniture audits, diligent filing management, and locker re-allocations were managed with attention to detail, guaranteeing a smooth and seamless transition for the client.

Throughout the entire process, Renovo maintained open lines of communication with the client, ensuring that every step was clearly defined and understood. This commitment to transparency and collaboration fostered a sense of trust and confidence, culminating in a fault-free and easy-going experience for the client. Renovo’s approach not only met but exceeded expectations.

Success Points

Upon reflection on the works fulfilled Renovo’s Danny Rutter highlighted the fantastic results for the Global European Bank and the wider community. “Schools benefited from donations, further emphasising Renovo’s commitment to social responsibility. Renovo’s ability to handle high-end furniture and their dedication to sustainability have strengthened their relationship with the client, leading to continued collaboration on other similar projects to this day.”