Project Description

Embarking on a transformative journey, Renovo spearheaded the relocation of an international motorsport body’s Technical Centre in Kent. This project transcended the ordinary. Beyond the logistics of relocating departments and workshops, this project unfolds as an example of precision, innovation, and sustainability. 

The full scope of relocated departments included: HQ Support Departments, such as Finance, HR, IT, Editing Suites, Media Engineering, technical workshops and labs, and the specialist moves of manufacturing equipment, consumables and products.  

Services Provided

To ensure a seamless transition, Renovo meticulously surveyed and audited each area before commencing work. The focus lies not only on the relocation but also on the reuse of existing furniture and IT equipment, blended with the procurement of new elements.

Renovo’s seamless move management took centre stage, liaising with department representatives to meet objectives promptly and efficiently.

Philanthropy in Motion: Business2Schools Partnership

Renovo collaborates with Business2Schools, introducing the client to a charitable initiative that goes beyond the refurbishment script. The client willingly participated in the Business2Schools scheme, donating legacy furniture to make a difference. Unfit items found purpose through responsible recycling, accompanied by sustainability reports that bring transparency to the destination of each piece.

Extending Excellence: HQ Building in Central London

Satisfied with Renovo’s performance, the client extended the partnership to include Renovo’s involvement in the refurbishment of their HQ Building in Central London. 

Success Points

Renovo’s relocation of the international motorsport body’s Technical Centre was completed on time and within budget. This success not only highlights the innovative and sustainable aspects of the relocation but also reinforces Renovo’s reputation as a reliable partner in delivering outstanding results within specified timelines and budget requirements.