International Asset Management Company

Project Description

Following a tender process the client appointed Renovo to support their relocation project and subsequent clearance from their legacy building.

The project involved the relocation of around 550 staff from Woolgate Exchange, Basinghall Street, to their newly fitted out space on Gresham Street.  The client had purchased new furniture for the new space, however as their existing furniture and equipment was still relatively new, we asked to move a lot of this equipment and products to the new space.

Renovo were also instructed to carry out the disconnect, move and reconnect of the desktop IT. This also included the move and installation of existing monitor arms as well as the desk electrics for the desktop presentation, and the in- desk electrics.

In order to assist the project team, Renovo provided a full time Move Manager to support with the project, including file audits, liaison with staff and team, and co-ordinate all activities.

Once the migration to the new space was completed, it was important to the client to handover the legacy space on time and with no issues, in order to avoid any additional lease payments or penalties. Renovo were also tasked in removing all furniture, equipment, and rubbish from the space in order to fulfil this part of the building de-commissioning.

Services Provided

Renovo were appointed to carry out the office relocation managing the moving of all furniture, equipment, desktop IT, and the provision of removal crates prior to the move to allow for staff. The disconnect and reconnect of all IT equipment.

  • Full- time Move Manager to support the relocation and clearance.
  • Crate and equipment hire
  • Relocation of crates, IT, identified furniture
  • Specialist packing of artwork
  • IT disconnect and reconnect
  • Installation of in desk electrics
  • Clearance of legacy furniture
  • Resale and credit back to client for resale of desks, chairs, and loose furniture
  • Delivery of donated items to chosen charities
  • Managed staff collections from site
  • Resale and reuse of telephones

Challenges Overcome

The move was scheduled to take place at the end of May, as the legacy building needed to be handed over by mid- June.

As a result, it was evident that the move would take place during the lockdown, which meant that the clients staff were not going to be able to pack their items and prepare for a move in the normal way.

As a result of this, Renovo were able to utilise a safe working methodology which ensured compliance with Social Distancing recommendations. All of our staff were also checked for symptoms through temperature checks prior to working on site. Whilst working on site our staff also wore face masks and gloves to protect themselves and the client who was on site to oversee the works.

We had to re- programme our works to support the new requirement, which meant that we could carry out the majority of our works during normal hours, as the offices were empty. This also meant that we had to pack the contents of desks, along with the filing, that we were already packing. We also had to support our client by carrying out the labelling of all the items that needed to go to the new building.

As the client’s staff were working from home, there were a number of users whose IT equipment needed to remain in situ for them to make a connection remotely. These were programmed to take place out of hours to ensure they remained connected for normal working.

This was a challenging project, that needed to be re- programmed and re- worked in order to adapt to the restrictions around the COVID-19 pandemic. I know that working with the client to achieve a successful outcome, was particularly rewarding.


2  7.5t Van & Driver

1  Supervisors

8  Porters

2  Fitters


“Today we hand back the keys as our lease ends after a tremendous effort working alongside the Renovo move teams to empty 65,000 sq ft of office space, and socially distancing. We have moved all personal belongings to our new location on Gresham St, decommissioned telepresence suites and AV, donated surplus furniture and kit to charities and community projects”

Tahera Hammond, Global Head of Workplace