Project Description​

Renovo successfully orchestrated the relocation of our client’s office from the prominent Broadgate Tower to the distinguished 22 Bishopsgate in London. This meticulous undertaking, executed within the agreed timeframe in June 2023, was the result of a rigorous pitching and Tendering process. Renovo’s appointment by the client underscored our ability to deliver the project with the greatest suitability.​

Services Provided​

Our comprehensive relocation services covered a spectrum of departments and items, encompassing the seamless transfer of IT equipment, filing systems, office service points, and meeting room essentials. Noteworthy was our identification and careful handling of re-use furniture, including esteemed Vitra meeting chairs. Renovo further undertook the relocation of the client’s Computer Room equipment, demonstrating a commitment to thorough and precise execution.​

Post-relocation, Renovo utilised its ongoing, sustainable partnership with the charity Business2Schools. This collaboration facilitated the placement of all legacy furniture with local schools, aligning with a commitment to sustainability. The conscious decision to rehome furniture, rather than dispose of or recycle it, speaks to Renovo’s dedication to responsible corporate practices.​

Beyond the logistical aspects, our engagement with Business2Schools had a profound impact on the improvement of various schools. The positive outcomes reported, including enhanced student learning experiences and improved teaching capabilities for staff, underscore our commitment to creating lasting value beyond the confines of the office relocation project.​

This project stands as a testament to Renovo’s dedication to making a positive impact both within and beyond the corporate landscape.