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Amid the season of festive frenzy, Renovo teamed up with our friends at Showcase and Showcase PSR for our annual Christmas Conference. From morning to night, we were soaking up the Christmas spirit, sharing our wins, catching up with some friendly faces, and, of course, lending a hand to those who could use some festive generosity. 

The day unfolded with each team sharing their highlights from the past year. Fun and laughter were shared throughout and together, we celebrated the group’s collective triumphs.  

While teams raced through the streets of London to collect items for the charity scavenger hunt, select members of Renovo’s team were on standby to present a professional hand. The mission? Making sure that every single box – big and small – collected for the chosen charity made it from the conference venue to their doorstep, without a scratch. This year’s chosen charity was The Cardinal Hume Centre, a non-profit organisation based in Westminster London, which helps families, children and young people to overcome poverty and avoid homelessness. 

As the teams raced against time, ticking off items for The Cardinal Hume Centre, dedicated Renovo members geared up for some professional lifting, efficiently organising to box and transport all the items to The Cardinal Hume Centre at record-breaking speed, from kitchen utensils, crockery, bedspreads, tinned items, and everything in between – the items needed to return to the centre before the evening could begin. Renovo, being familiar friends with tight deadlines, rose to the challenge, never failing to deliver the goods! 

With a successful delivery of the donation in hand, the night soon approached. The Renovo members finally joined the rest of their group, alongside Showcase and Showcase PSR for a well-deserved Christmas dinner and a night of celebrations. Now dressed to the nines in our black-tie attire, we welcomed a feeling of gratitude for the day’s triumphs, knowing that we had played a crucial role in spreading the joy. 

Here’s to teamwork, good fun, and the pure joy that comes from giving back during the festive season… Cheers!