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Renovo Workplace Storage Solutions: Redefining Furniture Storage Standards


By Susan Balsdon – Furniture Circular Economist & Project Development Manager


25 years in the office furniture industry has given me a rounded and balanced view of processes, critical timelines, needs, problems, and commitment to solutions.

My previous roles as marketing and procurement director, furniture sales, workplace consultant, moves and change project manager and circular economist, relied on good people, product, and quality service chains at all levels.

Over the years, I have witnessed and experienced appalling 3rd party workplace services that have impacted project programmes and it’s my quest to create an awareness for new project managers, facilities, and estate teams.

In my blogs I will highlight the pitfalls of bad practice in various services and will provide tips to mitigate risk to your projects. I cannot emphasis enough the value of service, reliability, communication, and management from your service partners as that makes a job or project run smoothly on time and to satisfaction. When you find a gem of a provider, hold on to them. Who wants to cross fingers and hope for the best?

I believe in excellence delivered through personable service and am delighted to now be part of Renovo Workplace Services, who share my values. There is a culture of care, innovative thinking, expertise, ownership, accountability, and training. The new sustainable, 30,000sq. ft storage facility and processes are impressive and colleagues have trusted relationships with clients and suppliers alike. I’m proud to be part of a company that champions change and is a leading voice in workplace services.



Renovo’s workplace storage offers maximised storage capacity, through space saving and secure, clean storage facilities that are competitively priced, and a guarantee that office furniture assets and equipment will be returned in the same condition as they arrived.

The new, 30,000 sq ft dry, sustainable, clean, modern, dust and fume-free storage facility dedicated to office furniture assets and business equipment eliminates constant through-flow of vehicles or open bays that pollute the facility. Our Teams carefully document, handle, sort, and pack items, drawing on over 30 years of warehouse management and storage expertise. Stock and assets are managed for any length of time with no fixed-term contracts and high-level security, including monitored CCTV, and extra precautions against fire and flooding, provide reassurance.

This might seem like an obvious expectation from a furniture storage provider, but the reality can be horrifyingly different.


Imagine clearing a floor of hundreds of high value furniture and equipment items, including sofas, meeting pods, desks, and storage, from your office. By placing them into storage during your workspace’s refurbishment, your furniture could be returned with issues such as:

  • Bird excrement splatters,
  • Broken and indented chair upholstery
  • Damaged tops
  • Scuffed edges
  • Missing components and fixings
  • Dirty furniture and upholstery
  • Missing items
  • Water damage
  • Surface blisters and stains

Sadly, this is not uncommon. Even worse, clients are presented with these issues just days before occupancy.

In such scenarios, it is evident that furniture hasn’t been managed at the storage centre, and the facilities may not have been appropriate for the task. Clients can be sent round in circles with storage providers making excuses, unable to resolve their problems.

Most businesses are unaware of these pitfalls when booking storage for their assets and it shouldn’t be just a ‘tick box’ task in your move and change process. Please consider the project and question the risk. Be mindful of booking a safe environment, managed by experienced hands, and always insist on viewing the storage facility before committing for peace of mind.


Renovo Workplace Services offers a ‘can-do,’ value-driven service across the Moves and Changes scope that provides client confidence and trust. The professional and experienced teams turn workplace problems into rapid solutions and are hands-on, taking ownership, responsibility, and accountability for furniture projects. Renovo goes the extra mile to make things happen, even in the tightest of time constraints to deliver tailor-made budgeted results.

For storage, there is a ‘chain of custody’ with a preferred audit or inventory of furniture assets. On site dismantling and loading furniture by group order with relevant fixings, deliver to the storage facility and match the goods and condition to the inventory before sorting for box packing. Items are documented thoroughly, photographed, and entered the live online stock system so that all assets can be tracked and requested whenever required. Clients have direct access to our dedicated warehouse team, any time.

Renovo Storage Services include:

  • Furniture and equipment during refurbishment
  • Marketing and exhibition materials
  • Tools and equipment
  • Consolidation of entire estate storage to a more efficient and managed location
  • Consolidation from 3rd parties
  • Re-use furniture ready for new or other locations
  • Furniture retained until the organisation confirms its revised way of working
  • A storage hub to receive multiple product deliveries before delivering to site
  • Tailored, bespoke storage requirements
  • Accurate storage reporting and reviews


At other facilities, storage boxes or containers are typically filled on a single level, meaning that there is a lot of un-utilised space above or items are stuffed and stacked tightly to fill the box or palette, risking damage to its contents. Renovo’s storage solves these issues with adjustable box dividers. This allows placement of furniture and equipment assets that utilises the entire box space without stacking or damage. Space is maximised and items are kept safe, undamaged, and are easy to access and review so that you don’t need as many boxes.


Renovo workplace storage challenges convention whenever possible. This is really evident in cost saving exercises, such as not charging for unloading or re-loading, helping costs to remain in budget moving forward, unlike other storage providers. The storage boxes have multiple-level dividers that maximise the whole box space, which means fewer boxes are required. All goods and fixings are checked in with their parts, and upon return, items remain in the same condition as they arrived. No need for additional repairs, ordering replacements, or battling with insurance, and  project delays.

Renovo workplace storage is a fully managed service that is tracked and traceable, giving access to accurate and methodical goods receipting, so everything is safe and secure. Teams curate and provide stock data on dormant items that can be reviewed.

When furniture is stored and managed by Renovo, the teams can retrieve items and deliver instantly for a single cost when required. Being able to pinpoint stored items saves valuable time, avoiding delays and costs.

Renovo provides support for everyday service work through to multi-phase large projects offering an end-to-end service including processes from legacy site, to swing space to new destination with furniture audits, inventories, clearance, storage and asset tracking.


Renovo’s workplace storage service mitigates risk to your projects. It facilitates short-and long-term needs with all-round, competitive value. Renovo’s success is in abundance, with a flow of new storage boxes, always future-proofing capacity and delivering customer needs.

Nationwide Storage locations: London, Essex, Manchester, Cambridge & Portsmouth.

Call 0845 833 6530 to reserve your space or to view the newest facility.