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Ricky Riches, Sales and Projects Manager

Embarking from humble beginnings in my family’s installation business, my journey in the furniture industry has been an evolution of growth. From my early days cutting cardboard in the back of a van to overseeing large-scale projects across the UK, each step has shaped my career trajectory.

I reflect on my earlier role as a full-time project manager with sentiment. Collaborating with other managers ultimately broadened my expertise and paved the way for where I am today, enabling me to adapt to diverse project requirements. Starting with smaller projects valued at £50,000, I quickly transitioned to navigating multi-million-pound ventures. It was during this journey that I curated a proven and self-developed management methodology for all projects, regardless of size, which I still use today.

I credit my invaluable and ongoing interactions with clients, architects, designers, and procurement teams for the opportunities that allowed me to seek further growth in my career. Beneath these relationships lies a genuine commitment to aiding others in their pursuits—a win-win scenario that fortunately fuels the company’s growth.

I am grateful that my personality has complemented a wealth of experience, facilitating the integration of my roles in sales and project management with Renovo. Now, as the Sales and Projects Manager, I merge nearly three decades of industry expertise into a role that blends sales skill with project management precision. This bolsters my speciality in collaborating with workspace solutions providers.

I recall my transition from being a guiding voice in site meetings to becoming the go-to advisor, navigating complexities like the circular economy, relocations, and fitouts. These challenges have become second nature to me.

Witnessing the industry’s evolution first-hand has been both fascinating and transformative. From the early days of manual labour in the most challenging conditions to today’s stringent health and safety protocols, I’ve embraced change and pursued certifications like IOSH to uphold standards and drive innovation.

Each interaction with my clients continues to lay the groundwork for enduring partnerships, fuelled by a passion for shaping the future of the industry.

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