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Renovo Office Moving Checklist

The key objective when planning for and implementing your office relocation project is to minimise the disruption to your staff, to your business, and continue operating efficiently. This Office Removals Checklist provides an invaluable framework to manage the actual removals process, and ensure your move day goes smoothly.

The Office Removals Checklist covers all you need to know about:

  • How to get accurate & reliable Office Removals Quotes
  • Choosing the right Office Removals company
  • The Countdown to your move day and what you and your team need to do
  • How to pack & label items so that everything arrives in one piece & in the right place
  • How to manage a smooth & seamless office move day
  • How to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible in the new office
  • What happens after the move to the new space to help your business quickly settle in

The physical office move is a crucial element of the office move process (and is very often the part of the process on which the whole project gets judged!). Yet many companies make the same mistakes on moving day due to lack of planning and poor co-ordination. Our Office Moving Checklist has been put together to help you implement a system to get organised and avoid potential disasters.

Office Removals Quotes

It is essential that you work with the right relocation company to help with your office move. A successful move will require specialist work – such as heavy lifting and disconnecting/reconnecting computers and other electronic equipment – and this should not be left to employees.

Renovo Services will help and guide you through this process and will happily visit your current offices to talk through your requirements. We provide a free no obligation visit which is followed up with a proposal.

Contact the team at Renovo today for your Removals Checklist to ensure nothing gets forgotten or left behind and make sure your move day goes like clockwork.