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Embracing a culture of continuous improvement, Renovo is committed to offering its diverse client base innovative workplace change management solutions. Beyond catering to our client’s needs, our unwavering dedication to sustainability and community impact drives us to seek meaningful solutions that benefit our environment and communities.  

Renovo consistently review and refine our services to create positive change and foster a brighter future for all. As part of this commitment, we actively engage with local initiatives, such as Business2Schools, a furniture reuse initiative, transforming the infrastructure of UK state schools by encouraging offices to donate their unwanted furniture and technology and allowing new life for items that would otherwise face recycling. 

The relationship between Business2Schools and Renovo blossomed in early 2023 when Renovo sought a meaningful solution for the increasing quantity of legacy furniture among their clients. Eager to extend the usefulness of these items, Renovo approached the charity, recognising its comprehensive network of local schools and its unwavering commitment to ensuring a seamless donation process. Renovo was impressed by the charity’s approach and how they provided donors with precise details of where their furniture ended up. Further, Business2Schools allowed Renovo’s staff to collect the items directly from the site and deliver them personally to their chosen schools. 

Since the initiation of this partnership, many projects have flourished, with legacy items donated to schools from several Renovo clients, including William Blair and Starwood Capital. It has ultimately been a pleasure for the team to see items finding their way to deserving schools and improving their environments while increasing sustainable outcomes. Renovo has improved the lives of dedicated teaching staff and eager pupils in and around London, with thanks to the initiative.  

One of the highlights of this successful collaboration came in July 2023 when Renovo joined forces with Showcase PSR. Showcase PSR made a generous donation of brand-new furniture through the Business2Schools initiative. Renovo handled the transportation and installation of Showcase PSR’s donation to STM Bexley High School, an occasion met with overwhelming appreciation by their welcoming staff. 

Colette Doran-Hannon, the representative from STM Bexley, warmly expressed her gratitude upon receiving the furniture, “The tables that arrived today are beyond amazing and will replace some that are well past their use. (We) are simply delighted.”  

In a world where sustainability and social responsibility are ever more critical, Business2Schools is a shining example of how collaborative efforts between charitable organisations and forward-thinking businesses can create positive change and build a brighter future for the next generation. By supporting sustainability practices and giving back to the community, such as donating legacy furniture to schools, we aim to leave a lasting, positive impact on the world. Together, we can build a more sustainable and compassionate future for everyone.  

The team at Renovo look forward to continuing to foster our relationship with Business2Schools.